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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GameShark Store affiliate program? -top-

By placing GameShark Store affiliate ads on your website, you can earn a sales commission based on users who click the ads and purchase products from us. After one of your users makes a purchase on our site, we do all the work, from processing the order and shipping the products to handling the billing and customer support.

With the large variety of links to choose from in the GameShark Store affiliate program, you can pick the advertisements that will best appeal to your site's audience. Just place our ads on your site and count all the money you have coming in from commissions!

Why should I become a GameShark Store affiliate? -top-

-Competitive Earnings with GameShark Store-
We offer a 10% commission rate for referred sales on our company brand merchandise, higher than any other commission rate offered by other merchants selling Mad Catz branded accessories. In addition, ambitious sellers have the opportunity to earn higher commissions with our affiliate program.

-Wide Range of Merchandise that Appeals to Multiple Target Audiences-
GameShark Store currently offers over 500 diverse video gaming products and accessories, with brand offerings from Mad Catz (casual gaming), Cyborg (pro gaming), Tritton (gaming audio), Saitek (simulation), and Eclipse (home & office) branded products. In addition to producing peripherals for popular systems like the Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft XBOX 360, we offer licensed video game gear from popular game franchises such as Gears of War, Rock Band, and Street Fighter IV.

-Manufacturer Advantage-
Because we both manufacture and distribute our video gaming merchandise, new innovative company products will always be found here first and sometimes exclusively.

-Superior Affiliate Management and Support-
We've partnered with Commission Junction and the Google Affiliate Network, the leaders in affiliate program management, to help us and our affiliates efficiently and accurately track their clicks, sales, and commissions.

-Fresh Content and Promotions-
We promote compelling product specials and coupon deals to save your target audience money.

-Regular Updates and Program Tips-
Our publishers will receive email newsletters with new product information and affiliate tips to better promote GameShark Store and earn greater commissions.

Will it cost me anything to become an affiliate? -top-

There is no cost to become a GameShark Store affiliate. There are no fees or sales requirements, and our publishers can opt out of the program at any time.

Is my website eligible for the GameShark Store affiliate program? -top-

Most sites will be eligible to become a GameShark Store affiliate, although we carefully review all affiliate applications. Sites that primarily focus on the video game and entertainment industry are especially welcomed. We will notify you of the application status usually within 2 business days of submission.

GameShark Store may reject an affiliate application we deem unsuitable and/or inappropriate, including and not limited to the following:

  • Sites contains inappropriate material and content (examples include graphic violence, murder, abuse, pornographic and sexually explicit materials)
  • Sites supports discrimination (examples include prejudice based on gender, race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, and age)
  • Sites participates in illegal Internet activities (examples include unauthorized peer to peer file sharing of copyrighted materials and the unauthorized sales and commerce of online intellectual property belonging to others)
  • Sites not functional (examples include dead URL's, sites still under construction, numerous inactive links, and lack of content)
  • Sites outside the United States; GameShark Store does not ship products internationally (exceptions are usually made for international websites that are in the English language and will specifically cater to a US audience)

Declined affiliate applicants are welcome to resubmit their applications at any time so long as the applicant attempts to rectify the cause(s) of the website's ineligibility to the GameShark Store affiliate program.

Can multiple websites I manage be included in the affiliate program? -top-

Yes, when filling out the affiliate application you will be given the opportunity to list all the sites you wish to host affiliate links on. Keep in mind that any site on your list that is deemed unsuitable and/or inappropriate may result in the entire application being declined.

How much can I earn being an affiliate? -top-

Our affiliates earn 10% of completed sales referred by one of our affiliate ads linking to the GameShark Store site. This commission rate applies to all company manufactured products sold on the GameShark Store through affiliate referral.

The commission amount is based on the product purchase amount and excludes shipping charges and any applicable sales tax. Link referrals are tracked with a 45 day cookie; so long as the customer completes a sales transaction within 45 days after clicking on the affiliate link, you will still get credited the commission. There is no restriction to the amount of sales you can refer, so you can generate unlimited commissions from any of our links.

We also offer performance incentives to reward publishers generating specific sales amounts within a given month. The incentive tiers are as follow, per month:

Commission Performance Incentives

$5,000.00 or greater in Online Sales

11.00% Commission Rate

$10,000.00 or greater in Online Sales

13.00% Commission Rate

$15,000.00 or greater in Online Sales

15.00% Commission Rate

How do I monitor and keep track of my affiliate sales and commissions? -top-

After you apply to the GameShark Store affiliate program, you will be given a publisher account with Commission Junction or Google to log into. If you are accepted, reports will be available on a daily basis detailing the performance of your affiliate program, with statistics such as ad impressions, clicks, converted sales and earned commissions accurately provided.

When does GameShark Store pay my commissions? -top-

Commission Junction or Google handles and distributes all commission payments of our affiliate publishers on a monthly basis. We carefully audit all commission transactions, and commissions will not be paid for any sales returned, cancelled, voided, etc.

What types of advertisements will be available to use? -top-

We have various banner and text links promoting general merchandise and specific product lines. In addition, we have a product catalog feed which allows our publishers to pick and choose any specific company brand items to highlight or feature on their site. A list of recommended keywords is available for search marketing purposes, and dynamic promotion and search links will be at your disposal.

May I use search marketing keywords to refer affiliate sales? -top-

We allow our affiliate publishers to earn commissions via search marketing referrals, and have a list of recommended keywords and search terms available when you are approved to become a GameShark Store affiliate.

Bidding specifically on our company logos and trademarks for search marketing purposes is strictly prohibited though. Prohibited trademark keywords, AdWords, search terms and the like include and are not limited to the following:

madcatz, mad catz, mad catz interactive, mad catz interactive inc., mad catz inc., mad catz company, official mad catz site, saitek, saitek company, official saitek site, joytech, joytech company, official joytech site, tritton, trittonusa, tritton usa, tritton company, official trittonusa site, cyborggaming, cyborg gaming, cyborggaming company, official cyborggaming site, eclipsetouch, eclipse touch, eclipsetouch company, official eclipsetouch site, airdrives, air drives, airdrives company, official airdrives site, gameshark, game shark, gameshark company, official gameshark site, gamesharkstore, gameshark store, official gameshark store site

Bidding on variations and misspellings of our trademark keywords is also strictly prohibited. Use of our trademark keywords within URL displays to misrepresent the publisher site as the Mad Catz Company is prohibited as well:

madcatz.com, www.madcatz.com, saitek.com, www.saitek.com, joytech.net, www.joytech.net, trittonusa.com, www.trittonusa.com, cyborggaming.com, www.cyborgaming.com, eclipsetouch.com, www.eclipsetouch.com, airdrives.com, www.airdrives.com, gameshark.com, www.gameshark.com, gamesharkstore.com, store.gameshark.com, store.gameshark.net, gamesharkstore.de, www.gamesharkstore.de, gamesharkstore.fr, www.gamesharkstore.fr

If GameShark Store determines there is a branding violation on the part of the publisher, no commission will be paid for each instance of the violation and is grounds for the immediate program termination of the affiliate publisher.

What is your policy on terminating the affiliate partnership? -top-

Either party may terminate the affiliate relationship at any time, though GameShark Store will give the publisher 7 days written notice before we end the partnership.

GameShark Store may, at its sole discretion, terminate an affiliate publisher for program misconduct. Such misconduct includes and is not limited to:

  • Inappropriate material and content
  • Discrimination
  • Illegal Internet activities
  • Misuse of Trademark
  • Misrepresentation of the Mad Catz Company

Though we will typically give the publisher the opportunity to rectify the program misconduct, repeat misconduct occurrences will result in the immediate termination of the publisher from our affiliate program.

Upon issuing the program termination notice, the publisher is given 7 days to remove all links related to GameShark Store. Any valid commissions earned within the notice period will still be paid in the next billing cycle.

Who can I contact for further questions? -top-

If you have any questions about the GameShark Store Affiliate Program, please contact us at affiliates@gameshark.com.

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